Holistically Whole
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Holistically Whole

Using Holistic Nutrition & Practices to Heal the Body


Too many people and animals are not feeling their best.

Do you suffer from brain fog, excess weight, body pain, lethargy, intestinal difficulties or other states of ‘just not feeling great’ and wonder what to do about it? Maybe you’ve even talked with your doctor about it and just feel like there’s nothing you can do. I remember years ago feeling this way and the doctor offered me Prozac. I knew that something was wrong, but just didn’t know what to do about it.

Many people do not realize how their diet impacts their state of health. Holistic nutrition has the incredible power to heal the body and help achieve/maintain a healthy weight. Contact Faye today to learn how you can begin the journey to feel the best that you can.

Our pets are suffering too. So many have allergies, skin and digestive issues that are often related to their diet as well. Dr. Nugent has had a lot of success in helping fur kids get better through diet and nutritional supplements.


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