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Faye and Kari met in 2010 and became fast friends when they discovered they have similar interests in holistic health for humans and animals. They have both experienced their own health struggles and have used holistic nutrition and practices to heal their bodies and manage their health issues. They both enjoy researching ways to help people and animals reach their optimal health through nutrition and natural healing methods. After helping several humans and animals, eNVy Health was launched. Our passion is to help people and animals through holistic means.


Using Holistic Nutrition & Practices to Heal the Body


Partner - people

Faye Voorman

Holistic Nutrition is such an exciting field! It is amazing how much the body can heal through nutrition and supplements. I discovered this field about eight years ago due to health challenges that my family and I experienced and there has been no looking back. We were able to make some lifestyle changes that really improved our health and wellbeing.

I have worked as a Holistic Nutritionist for holistic physicians and am currently attending Functional Medicine University for more education.

Nutrition has been an interest of mine since I was involved in weight loss research while attending the University of Michigan. My career managing corporate wellness programs provided extensive experience helping people with many aspects of their wellbeing. This included; weight loss, healthy eating, reversing diabetes, eating to change blood lipids, exercise, stress management, mental wellness and support for life’s challenges.



Function Medicine University
Currently Enrolled

University of Michigan
BS Kinesiology, 1987



Partner - Dogs/cats

Kari Nugent, DVM

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Michigan State University
DVM, 2004

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